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Lp Customer Facility Name Scope od realization Location Description of works Period of realization
21 YARA Environmental Technologies GmbH Division Laziska Gorne OPTIMIZATION & MEASUREMENTS Polska,
Łaziska Górne
Performing measurements according to PN-EN 14181: 2015-02 standard 2020
22 CIECH Soda Polska S.A. CIECH Soda Polska Production plant in Janikowo OPTIMIZATION & MEASUREMENTS Polska,
Commissioning of the OP140 ZP Janikowo boiler 2020
23 CEZ Skawina S.A. Instalacja Odazotowania Spalin SCR (nitka I) w CEZ Skawina S.A. OPTIMIZATION & MEASUREMENTS Polska,
Verification of the first stage of measurements by a measurement company at the facility along with verification of the measurement report (DENOX – Line 1) 2020
24 CEZ Chorzów S.A. CHP Elcho Chorzow OTHER Polska,
Realization of HCI reduction installation from flue gas at CEZ Chorzow S.A. (dry method - DSI) 2020
25 MLU Sp. z o.o. Veolia Energia Poznań S.A. OPTIMIZATION & MEASUREMENTS Polska,
Conducting research and development works aimed at optimizing the operation of boiler measuring devices 2020
26 Tauron Wytwarzanie S.A. Division Power Plant Stalowa Wola OPTIMIZATION & MEASUREMENTS Polska,
Stalowa Wola
Measurements of the concentration of all inorganic gaseous chlorine compounds, expressed as HCl, in the flue gas from the OP-120 biomass-fired boiler located in TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. - Division of the Stalowa Wola Power Plant in Stalowa Wola along with the certification of the technological measurement 2020
27 Biuro Budowy GE Power (Elektrownia Opole) Division Power Plant Opole, Unit No. 5 OPTIMIZATION & MEASUREMENTS Polska,
Performing measurements to determine the characteristics of the dust meter 2019
28 Eltur Serwis Sp. z o.o. Division Power Plant Turow OTHER Polska,
Support of the Project Team for the task: "Construction of the facilities of the New Unit carburizing system at PGE GiEK S.A. Turów Power Plant Division" 2019-2020
29 TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. NJGT 910 MW Unit with supercritical boiler BOILER Polska,
Performing the function of Technologist - Technological Commissioning Coordinator in the field of Non-Block Economy with the Commissioning of the 910 MWe Unit in New Jaworzno Tauron Group 2019-2020
30 Przedsiębiorstwo Remontu i Montażu Urządzeń Energetycznych ENERGOSERWIS S.A. CHP Pruszkow BOILER Polska,
Comprehensive commissioning and optimization of water boilers WR-25 K12 and WR 25/12-M K 13 2019-2020
31 Przedsiębiorstwo Remontu i Montażu Urządzeń Energetycznych ENERGOSERWIS S.A. CHP Pruszkow BOILER Polska,
Performing warranty measurements for the WR-25M K 12 Boiler 2019
32 Polimex Energetyka Sp. z o.o. Division Complex Power Plants Dolna Odra, Power Plant Pomorzany, Szczecin FLUE GAS CLEANING Polska,
Pomorzany, Szczecin
Participation in the commissioning, including regulatory and test traffic on the investment task of the Employer entitled "Construction of FGD with semi-dry method together with dry ash distribution installation for two Benson OP-206 Boilers" 2019-2020
33 Eltur Serwis Sp. z o.o. Division Power Plant Turow BOILER Polska,
Performing supervisory functions in all industries at the construction site of the New Carburzing System of 460 MW Unit fired with brown coal 2019-2020
Verification of I&EC installations and systems of technological lines 2019
35 GE Power Sp. z o.o. Steelworks Dabrowa Gornicza OPTIMIZATION & MEASUREMENTS Polska,
Dąbrowa Górnicza
Carrying out warranty measurements for the installation of the DL1 and DL 3 sinter strip dust extractor and for the dedusting installation of distribution node number 8 (WR-8) 2019
36 RAFAKO S.A. Division Power Plant Belchatow FLUE GAS CLEANING Polska,
Construction Directorate for the task: "Comprehensive modernization of FGD at Units No. 8-12" 2019-2020
37 YARA Environmental Technologies GmbH CHP Siekierki ELEKTRYKA I AUTOMATYKA Polska,
Performing the functions of the I&EC inspector 2019-2020
38 Biuro Budowy GE Power ZW Nowa TAMEH POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Dąbrowa Górnicza FLUE GAS CLEANING Polska,
Dąbrowa Górnicza
Measurement of guaranteed parameters at the desulphurisation and denitrification plant 2019
39 Ecosorbtech Sp. z o.o. CHP Elcho Chorzow DOCUMENTATION & ANALYZES Polska,
Implementation of a research and development project in the field of technological measurements of HCl, SO2, O2 concentrations 2019
40 Elpro GmbH GDRA Kienbaum ELEKTRYKA I AUTOMATYKA Niemcy,
Development and implementation of a cold commissioning program for electrical and measuring equipment as well as automation of the gas pressure regulation and measurement station 2019