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Photovoltaic systems are the future technology - they allow not only to obtain energy in a cost-effective way for our wallets, but also for the natural environment.

To meet the needs of investors, Termall Energy Sp. z o. o. offers services in the field of construction and operation of photovoltaic systems.

Solar systems are investments that pay off quickly. Depending on the type of PV system, we can consume, store and sell energy on an ongoing basis.

Photovoltaic systems are used for private use as well as for the production and sale of electricity on a larger scale, such as in power plants or large enterprises.

Within our operations we offer the following comprehensive services:

  • consulting - assistance in the selection of the right products for given needs,
  • consultations - support for the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems,
  • analysis of PV system designs - verification of the correctness of the prepared PV system designs,
  • site visits - checking the location where a given PV system is to be built, in terms of its technical
  • feasibility in accordance with the adopted design,
  • preparation of PV system designs - comprehensive development of PV system designs,
  • delivery of system elements,
  • complete system assembly,
  • ongoing consultancy - throughout the entire duration of a given large-format system construction project.

Our experienced engineering team is at your disposal.