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In the area of services, Termall Energy Sp. z o.o. there are also other market sectors and systems, such as biogas projects implemented in the field of:

  • advice at the investment planning stage, assessment of possibilities (location, system size, substrate availability analysis),
  • assistance in obtaining funds in the form of subsidies, loans, etc.,
  • obtaining the required administrative decisions related to the construction of a biogas plant (site
  • analysis, environmental impact assessment of a given project, decision on building conditions and land development, building permit, etc.), land rights (transmission easements, land easements and lease contracts) and concessions and certificates,
  • designing agricultural biogas plants,
  • conducting tender procedures, selecting contractors for each stage of works,
  • supervision,
  • carrying out partial acceptance and final acceptance of all tasks,
  • commissioning,
  • operation and warranty service.

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