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Comprehensive knowledge in the field of plant commissionings allows us to handle plant start-up processes practically at any time, starting from the preparation of all necessary documents, through acceptance and individual phases of commissioning works, to hand-over of the installation, taking into account the needs of our customers related to further operation of the plant.

The scope of our services includes, among others:

  • Making the commissioning team or specialists of particular industries (including operation service) available for the installation commissioning stage
  • Coordination of the work of all participants in the investment process during the last phase of construction and assembly works
  • Management of all acceptance works in the field of Installation commissioning in agreement with the Contractors
  • Development of commissionings procedures and documentation in the professional power sector
  • Preparation of the commissioning programme
  • Preparation of the commissioning schedule
  • Preparation of the necessary materials for commissioning work
  • Carrying out and documenting technical tests of devices and installations, checking signalling and technological interlocks
  • Performance and documentation of functional tests of all equipment and systems
  • Post-assembly cleaning of systems and installations (flushing, chemical cleaning, blowing)
  • Carrying out the Adjustment operation/run
  • Carrying out a trial run of the installation and preparation of the final commissioning report
  • Staff training
  • Supervision of the commissioning
  • Reliability, professionalism and good engineering practice